Instant Deployment Decontamination Pond
  • Sets Up In Less Then 10 Seconds
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Chemically Resistant PVC
  • Laminated Polyethylene Lo-Density Foam Inserts Increased Safety for Firefighter
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 100 % CANADIAN

Laminated polyethylene foam inserts remove quickly to allow wheeling in a victim

Dimensions: 1.87m x 1.87m x .25m high
Capacity: 880 Liters / 230 US Gallons

Firebug Decontamination Responder Kit 1
Technical Data
Firebug 4 Port manifold:
Hardened aluminum 4 port manifold with fire connection ULC tested:
  • at 95 gpm the pressure loss on outlet side was 2 psi
  • at 200 gpm the pressure loss was 20 psi
Burst Pressure - 1, 111 psi

Ball Values - 
¾” Apollo International Full Port Brass 250 psi Rating

Hose - Full ¾” I.D. for less friction loss. Extra smooth lining offers best possible performance. Ideal for protecting long hose lines, grass fires, mop up, etc. A seamless design made of circular looms providing maximum wear resistance. 

Hose Size

Service Pressure

Proof Pressure

Burst Pressure


250 psi

500 psi

750 psi

Wands - 24’’ reach handle with super comfortable foam hand grip.

Brass shut-off valve provides finger tip water control.

Aluminum water breaker allows for safe use of clean water on personal providing

42 liters of water at 40 psi
Submersible pump with discharge hose – needs specs

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