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General Overview of Firebug Products
Firebug products are specifically designed to be used in health hazard situations where emergency rescue workers such as firefighters, police officers or paramedics may experience exposure to toxins or hypothermic conditions such as prolonged exposure to intense heat or physically exhausting activities. The Firebug Sprinkler System is designed to protect your home or cottage in the event of a threatening forest fire.
Following is a short description on each of the Firebug products.
The Firebug Core Cool Down system safely lowers the body temperature of a firefighter exposed to high heat conditions or exhaustive physical activity.  The station sets up quickly and may be fully operational in just minutes.
The Firebug Core Cool Down system was designed and tested by fire fighters in simulated emergency situations with very positive results. As an example, a firefighter with an increased core body temperature of over 38oC resulting from working in high temperature, high heat or physically exhausting conditions was able to lower his core body temperature to normal 37oC within 15 minutes using the Firebug Core Cool Down system compared to an average of 45 minutes when nothing is used to cool down an overheated emergency services worker.

The Firebug Decontamination Pond is a knockdown, lightweight, portable and extremely durable containment pond used to cleanse contaminates from an emergency worker’s protective clothing or victims after they have been exposed to hazardous or toxic substances while fighting a fire.

The Firebug Sprinkler System has been designed to proactively protect values such as homes, cottages, etc. in the event a threatening fire is approaching.  Strategically placed sprinklers may be activated to continually soak the value and surrounding area, minimizing and possibly eliminating the devastation of fire damage. A sprinkler system may also be used to prevent an environmental catastrophe such as a large disposal area of car tires. In both cases the sprinkler system creates a humidity bubble, which will help prevent anything within the “bubble” from igniting.

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